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Who we are

The Scanelis laboratory is specialised in molecular diagnostics in the field of animal health.

In 2000, Scanelis was the first laboratory which offered routine quantitative PCR analyses for detection, quantification and typing of pathogens in animals.

Diagnostic laboratory

Specialist in real-time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), Scanelis offers approximately 60 real-time PCR assays, for the detection/quantification of infectious agents in many animal species (dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, exotics, cattle, sheep and goats, poultry and rabbits, horses, fishes).

All the Scanelis PCR assays have been developed and validated by our R&D department.

Our production department performs day-to-day analyses in a secured lab, dedicated to this technology to provide veterinarians with fast and efficient diagnoses.

Support to Industry

Scanelis also provides support to industry, biotechs, lab animal suppliers and research labs:

  • Health monitoring for laboratory animals
  • Real-time PCR genetic testing
  • Quality control of biopharmaceuticals by real-time PCR testing
  • Diagnostics performed in accordance with a customer’s
    specifications or prescribed quality plan, for instance with the European Pharmacopoeia recommendations.
  • Custom-designed investigations: molecular typing of isolates or strains, infection monitoring and epidemiological monitoring, pathogens or mRNA quantification, cloning and DNA quantification...

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