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Toxoplasma gondii

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Detection of Toxoplasma gondii by real-time PCR.

Reasons for testing

- Toxoplasmosis diagnostics in dog or cat with clinical signs
- Shedding quantitative analysis in a healthy animal

Test characteristics

- Quantitative PCR / real-time PCR
- Limit of detection
- Detection of Toxoplasma gondii

Diagnostic samples

- Nervous signs: CSF or organs (post-mortem)
- Ocular signs (uveitis): aqueous humor (plain or EDTA tube)
- Respiratory signs: broncho-alveolar fuid or thoracic fluid or lung (post-mortem)

Result interpretation

- Negative result: absence of the protozoan or quantity lower than the limit of detection of the test.
A negative result does not exclude an asymptomatic carrier status because the rectal shedding of T. gondii can be intermittent. Thus, serial testing or testing a pool of samples taken few days appart are necessary to confirm the absence of T. gondii.
- Positive result: detection of Toxoplasma in a fluid (CSF, aqueous humor or thoracic fluid) or in organs confirms the disease.

Do not hesitate to contact us for sample collecting advice or help in interpreting the results.