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Quality Results begins with Quality Specimen

The reliability of results depends on the quality of the samples. Below, you will find some guidelines for sampling. Our team of diagnostics specialists is available to advise you on sampling, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Biological samples Specification Sample collection equipment Alternative
Blood Whole non centrifugated blood EDTA tube none
CSF, aqueous humour, abdominal or pleural fluid, urine and other fluids EDTA tube plain tube
Bone marrow, lymph node aspirate EDTA tube plain tube
Cells (oropharyngeal, conjunctival, vaginal/preputial, nasal...) swab/cytobrush in plain or EDTA tube
Rectal swab swab/cytobrush in plain or EDTA tube
Organ(s), biopsy, cutaneous scraping, placenta... no formalin; can be frozen before shipment plain and tight tube


  • Never use heparine tube
  • All fluids must be collected on EDTA
  • Never send needle or scalpel blades
  • Use sterile cytobrush or swab, without transport medium