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Our team

A team of specialists in PCR & Infectious Diseases
Corine Boucraut-Baralon CEO, Scientific manager
DVM, PhD Member of ABCD (European Advisory Board for Cat Diseases, www.abcd-vets.org)

Corine is your contact for diagnostics of infectious and parasitic diseases in cat and dog. Corine will be pleased to share her experience in risk management in catteries and kennels, from screening to treatment and vaccination.

Competences: Virology, Infectious diseases, Vaccinology, Diagnostics of infectious diseases in animals, Medical genetics
Agnès Poujade Consultant
DVM, Pathological Anatomy Specialist (DESAPV). Member of the AFVAC-MPL board. Agnès has 25 years of experience in veterinary diagnostics.

Agnès is your contact for infectious diseases diagnostics in domestic carnivora (dogs / cats)
Jean-Luc Pingret R&D Director, Quality Assurance
Engineer (INSA) & PhD in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Jean-Luc is in charge of design, development and validation of molecular assays and PCR analyses management and monitoring.
Responsible for Quality Assurance at Scanelis lab, Jean-Luc was a member has worked in the AFNOR (French National Association for Standardization) work group "PCR in Animal Health".

Jean-Luc is your contact for Infectious Diseases Diagnostics in Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Poultry and Rabbits.

Competences: Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Veterinary Molecular Diagnostics
Sophie Lafon Business development
Engineer in Molecular Biology / Biotechnology. Sophie is responsible for Marketing/Communication and LIMS
* Laboratory Information Management System, for total automated traceability from receipt of the samples to analysis report and invoice)

Sophie is your contact for Infectious Diseases Diagnostics in Exotics, for Health Monitoring in Lab Animals and Aquaculture and for your diagnostic special requests as a practitioner or an industrialist.

Competences: PCR Diagnostics / PCR Diagnosis in Animal Health, Marketing & Commmunication

Technical Team

Suzanne Muyard Production manager, Technician, Analyses
With a MS degree in Biology, Suzanne coordinates the technical team and is responsible for the analytical platform
Suzanne is involved in the entire analytical process, from receipt of the sample to analytical validation of results
Julie Alvarez
Camille Bouniot
Léa Mayeux
Technician, Analyses
Julie, Camille and Léa perform each step of the analytical process, in respect of a strict forward workflow of the samples: receipt of the samples, registration of the analyses/samples in our LIMS, nucleic acids purification by a specific protocol adapted to each type of biological sample, reagent preparation, liquid-handling robot operation for PCR preparation, technical validation of results for further interpretation/validation by our vets/biologists, stock management
Mélanie Etievant R&D technician
Mélanie has a BS (License) in Biotechnology and is in charge of assays in the Scanelis R&D department: development and validation of new molecular assays, evolution of the existing Scanelis quantitative PCR assays, special molecular analyses, studies and scientific collaborations

Administrative Team

Marlène Turpin
Administrative assistants
Marlene, Veterinary Assistant, Emilie and Florence, Administrative Assistants, welcome you on the phone and are in charge of administrative tasks from result report to invoice.

Marlène and Jessie will listen to your questions about expedition of samples to Scanelis lab, edition of an analysis report or an invoice.