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Minute Virus of Canine

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Detection of Minute virus of canines (MVC or Canine Parvovirus-type 1) by real-time PCR.

Test indication

  • Diagnosis: exploration of gestational abnormalities, abortion, fetal malformations, neonatal mortality, respiratory and/or digestive and/or nervous signs in the pup.
  • Breeding animal status: detection of healthy carriers/ persistent viral shedding animals

Test characteristics

Diagnostic samples

  • Exploration of breeding disorders:
    • In a context of abortion or neonatal mortality: lung, liver, kidney and spleen from the runt or deceased pup on dry tube, placenta on dry tube, vaginal swab on dry tube.
  • Detection of healthy carriers: oropharyngeal + conjunctival + vaginal or foreskin cells (swab or cytobrush on dry tube), sperm (dry tube), possibly rectal sample (swab on dry tube).

Result interpretation

  • Negative result: absence of the virus or quantity inferior to the limit of detection
  • Positive result:
    • In a context of digestive disorders, abortion or neonatal mortality, the viral presence is compatible with minute virus related to breeding disorders.
    • In an healthy carrier, the viral presence confirms the shedding. The animal is probably contagious.
  • Please note that viral loads are often low, even in symptomatic animals and minute virus might not be the only infectious agent responsible for the disorders that can be seen.
Do not hesitate to contact us for sample collecting advice or help in interpreting the results.