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Feline calicivirus

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Detection of feline Calicivirus by real-time RT-PCR. Very wide specificity of our assay on feline caliciviruses (strains involved in coryza, in buccostomatitis, hypervirulent strains)

Reasons for testing

  • Assessment of viral shedding and contagiosity of cats in cattery/group
  • Status determination of breeding cats in catteries
  • Detection of asymptomatic carriers
  • Diagnostics of calicivirosis in cats with clinical signs (coryza, buccostomatitis, severe systemic syndrome) and viral shedding monitoring after clinical recovery

Test characteristics

Diagnostic samples

  • Coryza: oropharyngeal/ conjunctival / nasal cells collected with a cytobrush (mainly if chronic disorders exist) or possibly with a dry swab.
    Other possible samples: abdominal or pleural effusion, lung (with no formalin).
  • Hypervirulent systemic forms: existence of viremia in these forms. A blood sample (EDTA) is so appropriate, cutaneous scraping if cutaneous lesions occur.
  • Buccostomatitis: oropharyngeal cells from lesions, collected with a cytobrush.
  • Status determination of asymtomatic animals and monitoring after recovery: oropharyngeal cells (from tonsils).

Result interpretation

  • Negative result: absence of virus or quantity lower than the limit of detection. Calicivirosis can be excluded in symptomatic animals.
  • Positive result: presence of virus in the analyzed sample. The analysis report would notify if the quantity of detected viral RNA is very low. The positive results must be interpreted in the clinical context and depending on the duration of clinical signs.
    8% of cats are asymptomatic carriers (in buccal samples, with the assay developped by Scanelis).
    This rate must be taken into account to interpret the result. This rate is higher in animals living in groups (especially in cat shelters).
Do not hesitate to contact us for sample collecting advice or help in interpreting the results.